Groundsure Cheshire Salt Search price increase

There will be an increase to the price of the Groundsure Cheshire Salt Search from Monday 30th October.

The new prices are detailed in the table below:


Product Price (exc. VAT)  Price (incl. VAT)
Groundsure Cheshire Salt Search £38.30 £45.96
Cheshire Salt Search 0.03-0.06 ha £50.30 £60.36
Cheshire Salt Search 0.06-0.12 ha £65.30 £78.36
Cheshire Salt Search 0.12-0.25 ha £85.30 £102.36
Cheshire Salt Search 0.25-0.5 ha £95.30 £114.36
Cheshire Salt Search 0.5-1 ha £105.30 £126.36
Cheshire Salt Search 1-2 ha £125.30 £150.36
Cheshire Salt Search 2-5 ha £145.30 £174.36
Cheshire Salt Search 5-15 ha £185.30 £222.36
Cheshire Salt Search >15 ha POA POA

Prices apply to both residential and commercial versions of the search.

The ordering process remains unchanged, and the new prices will be live on our ordering page from 30th October.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Groundsure prices from 1st April 2023

Groundsure will be increasing the price of their range of  environmental searches from Saturday 1st April.

For online customers, the new prices will automatically be shown when ordering. For customers ordering by post, any orders received prior to 1st April will be completed at the current price.
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Price changes for Landmark and Argyll products from 3rd January

We have been informed that Landmark Information Group and Argyll Environmental will be amending the prices of their product range from Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

The new prices are shown in the tables below.
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Changes to Future Climate Info (FCI) reports from 3rd March

Future Climate Info have announced changes to their suite of reports from Thursday 3rd March. There are new prices for their searches, as well as new size bandings across their range of residential and commercial reports.

Based on customer feedback, FCI have announced an increase to the initial size-banding for some of their best-selling residential environmental search reports; the FCI Essential, Standard, Premium, Flood Residential and Ground Stability Residential.
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A number of search prices are increasing throughout January and February. These include the majority of official local authority searches, ChancelCheck, and most Landmark, Groundsure and Argyll environmental searches.

The majority of these prices are effective immediately. Landmark and Argyll searches will be increasing from Tuesday 8th February.

For those authorities within the Severn Trent region with an admin waiver, they will continue to receive this. For other official local authority searches the administration fee will be increasing from £5.00 (£6.00 incl. VAT) to £7.00 (£8.40 incl. VAT). Further information on searches receiving the waiver can be found on our residential and commercial local authority pages.
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