Ground Stability Report

Subsidence can occur in any area, not just those where coal mining has been prevalent. The Ground Stability Report advises whether a property is at risk from subsidence, either from man-made causes such as coal mining, or natural hazards.


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Combining the Coal Authority’s mining data alongside information from the British Geological Survey on natural hazards such as shrink-swell clays and landslides, the report provides a detailed overview to sources of subsidence and is the most comprehensive search of its type available.

The Ground Stability Report* includes all the existing coal mining and brine subsidence information produced in answer to the enquiries made under the Law Society’s CON29M due diligence search scheme, together with information and expert interpretation on natural ground subsidence hazards.

For properties not located on a coalfield, we can provide a certificate from the Coal Authority stating there is no danger of ground stability issues arising from mining activity for £56.97 (£68.36 incl. VAT).

*Arranged by Severn Trent Searches and provided by the Coal Authority

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