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Landmark Climate Change Commercial

Climate change is one of the biggest risks facing society, but one that many may not consider impacts them on a personal level. Landmark’s Climate Change report accesses some of the major risks, raising awareness of any potential impact.

Landmark’s Climate Change report covers five major areas – flood risk, subsidence, heat stress, coastal erosion, and the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – along with property-specific advice and recommendations.

The data baseline informing the assessment is derived from the UKCP18. Developed by the Met Office, it is the most authoritative climate projection data available for the UK. Each report is property-specific, based on UPRN.

The search is designed to provide an overview of future risk, as well as in-depth advice and recommendations for managing current environmental risks at the property. With any queries handled by industry professionals alongside specialist academics, Landmark’s Climate Change report offers peace of mind at a great price.


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    • Flood Risk – includes both current risk, and 2050 projections, based on Met Office UKCP18 data.
    • Subsidence – looks at the risk of ground instability both current and 2050 projections.
    • Heat Stress – projected average summer temperatures affecting the property both currently, and with 2050 and 2080 projections.
    • Coastal Erosion – provides distance from the coast, and nearest at-risk locations.
    • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – showing current and potential energy efficiency ratings for the property.


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