Groundsure Floodview

Groundsure Floodview* is a complete commercial property flood risk search comprising of a fully interpreted flood risk assessment and including a view on the likely availability of flood risk insurance for the property.



+ VAT per report


incl. VAT

  • Environment Agency NaFRA data
  • Environment Agency tidal and fluvial floodplains
  • Environment Agency flood defences and areas benefitting from these
  • Environment Agency historic flood events (dating back to the 1600s)
  • JBA Consulting surface water (pluvial) flood data
  • JBA Consulting reservoir / dam failure data
  • British Geological Survey groundwater flood data
  • British Geological Survey geological indicators of flooding

Since the 12th November 2018, the Groundsure Floodview report has also had a number of enhancements including –

  • Redesigned, clearer report with less pages and more concise information
  • Intelligently filtered data
  • Report recommendations

Flood risks are mapped on separate maps for clarity of hazards. As with all Groundsure reports, client guidance is provided in a clear and succinct manner enabling rapid interpretation by environmental  and non-environmental property professionals alike.

The price of this search varies depending on the size of the property, as detailed in the table:

* Arranged by Severn Trent Searches, provided by Groundsure.
** Please note that the price is dependent on the site area of the property being searched against.