Landmark Chancel Report

Landmark Chancel* is a low-cost chancel screening report, offering an assessment of potential liability, alongside a £3 million indemnity policy.

The Landmark Chancel report combines data sourced from historical parishes, national archives, tithe district and enclosures records, with expert analysis and interpretation from geographic historians and academics from the University of Portsmouth.

‘No potential liability’ reports are covered by a certification, underwritten by an Aviva £3 million, successor in title, indemnity policy, providing you and your clients with peace-of-mind and confidence to the accuracy of the reports.  


Prices from £26.00

+ VAT per report


incl. VAT

  • The Landmark Chancel Report, powered by PinPoint Information, has been developed to provide an accurate analysis of any potential Chancel liabilities.
  • If a risk is identified or further assessment of the findings is required, the PinPoint data team works in partnership with specialist University academics to provide a definitive response.
  • For added protection, the Landmark Chancel includes a £3 million successor in title, indemnity policy from Aviva.
  • Queries handled by industry professionals, in partnership with specialist academics.
  • Different price bands for different size properties, with the lowest band covering up to 3 hectares.
  • Available for both residential and commercial properties.

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* Landmark Chancel is arranged by Severn Trent Searches and provided by Landmark Information Group Ltd.