Conveyancing discount search packages

Receive a 10% discount on further additional searches when you purchase one of our residential search packages

The CON29M Coal Authority Report

The official CON29M report, recently enhanced to include a new concise glossary and professional opinion

Groundsure Energy and Transportation

Provides a comprehensive search of existing and planned energy and transport infrastructure


The official drainage and water search exploring all the key drainage and water issues at a property

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Property Searches for you

Drainage & Water Searches

The official CON29DW enquiry and commercial drainage and water reports

Local Authority Searches

Choose from official or regulated local authority searches

Mining Searches

The CON29M coal mining report, subsidence and ground stability reports

Environmental Searches

Environmental reports detailing hazards including landfill sites and radon gas

Chancel and Title Searches

Chancelcheck search and Land Registry’s register and title plan

Energy & Infrastructure

Various E&I reports that detail HS2, wind/solar farms and fracking projects

Flood Risk Searches

Flood searches assess the risks from river, coastal, surface and ground water flooding

Utility Searches

Commercial utility searches including electricity, telecoms and gas mains

Introducing HomeServe

A company who also knows how wonderful water is.
Check out how HomeServe can help you with a range of products and services for your home

Cheshire salt search

Clarifies whether a property is at increased risk of subsidence due to brine extraction in Cheshire

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