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National Grid Transmission Search

A search to show the proximity of any National Grid gas or electricity transmission apparatus*.


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The National Grid transmission network moves gas and electricity around the UK. Transferring electricity from power stations, its high voltage lines (carrying approximately 11,000 volts) carry the current to local substations, where the distribution network transfers it at a lower voltage (around 220 volts) to properties.

Likewise, the gas distribution network moves gas along the 171,000 miles of the National Transmission System at high pressure, before it reaches more localised area distribution networks. These then supply gas to properties via the distribution network.

The National Grid Transmission Search examines the proximity of a property to this transmission equipment.

Transmission equipment is often protected by easements or wayleave agreements, which can restrict development in the vicinity.

Please note, this search shows transmission equipment only. Equipment for the distribution of gas and electricity are shown on the respective distribution searches.

* Arranged by Severn Trent Searches, provided by National Grid.