FloodSolutions Commercial

FloodSolutions Commercial* is the most advanced commercial flood risk screening report available. Produced by Argyll Environmental, the report includes full river, coastal, groundwater and surface water analysis, alongside a front page consultant’s overview and clear findings and recommendations.

The report provides detailed flood risk screening of commercial properties including a commentary from an IEMA-accredited consultant. The search is ideal for any type of commercial property, including high value transfers, redevelopment deals, heavy industrial and high value property.


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  • Risk and likely depth of surface water flooding, a major
    cause of flooding in urban areas – used by the Environment
    Agency and Local Authorities for emergency planning and
    development purposes
  • The latest Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (ROFRS) data
    from the Environment Agency – recommended by the
    Association of British Insurers as a reliable indication of
    insurability for small businesses
  • Unique dam break data from JBA Consulting – identifies flood
    risk from failed local dams
  • Complete information on surrounding watercourses,
    including culverted rivers and streams provided by the
    Environment Agency
  • Information on sewer flooding as disclosed by local drainage
    and water companies

The price of this search varies depending on the size of the property, as detailed in the table:

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*Arranged by Severn Trent Searches, provided by Argyll Environmental. **Please note that the price of this report is dependent on the site area of the property being searched against.

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