Sitesolutions Commercial

The Sitesolutions Commercial* is a comprehensive environmental desktop report and contains a detailed review and write up by IEMA-accredited consultants.


Prices from

+ VAT per report

£384.00 **

incl. VAT

  • Large aerial photograph
  • High detail data sets
  • Expert review of high detail historical maps
  • Uses the UK’s most comprehensive landfill data
  • Clear assessment of environmental liability
  • Risk management solutions provided via tailored further investigation or access to insurance expertise and products
  • Includes ECORISK Assessment – the only fully Part 2A-Compliant assessment
  • Improved data assessment process for groundwater vulnerability
  • Pollutant linkage assessment
  • Current operations section covering regulatory compliance, Environmental Damage Regulations and important additional factors

The Sitesolutions Commercial has a professional indemnity of £10m per report, a normal turnaround time of 2 days with no charge for expedited service, is suitable for properties up to 15 hectares.

The price of this search varies depending on the size of the property, as detailed in the table:

*Arranged by Severn Trent Searches, provided by Argyll Environmental.
** Please note that the price of this product is dependent on the site area of the property being searched against.