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RiskView Residential Report

The RiskView Residential environmental report* is an innovative, all-in-one search. Combining contaminated land data with flooding, ground stability, energy and infrastructure information, the report provides a detailed overview of a number of hazards traditionally covered by separate reports.

As with Landmark’s market-leading environmental searches, the new report features a concise front-page summary, which clearly indicates whether there are any hazards which could cause concern to the property purchaser. Unlike many environmental reports, which contain detailed information on all aspects whether relevant or not, the RiskView Residential omits any areas where no risk is present. This leads to a more streamlined report, and makes it easier to identify any potential hazards.



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  • Contaminated land – identifies if the property is at risk of being identified by the local authority as contaminated land.
  • Flooding – the risk of flooding at and around the property from surface, river, coastal, ground water and historic flood events.
  • Ground Hazards – Natural and mining ground instability issues, and an indication of whether the property is in a radon affected area.
  • Energy and Infrastructure – indicates if there are any energy and infrastructure projects at or close to the property, such as wind and solar farms, HS2 and Crossrail.
  • New: Comprehensive mining and subsidence information, including subsidence insurance claims.

As with Landmark’s other searches, any areas with potentially contaminated land are assessed by Argyll Environmental, and include detailed further guidance.

Conveyancers and homebuyers can also access – via links embedded in the report itself – an interactive online map, which helps them explore and interpret the data provided.


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* Arranged by Severn Trent Searches, provided by Landmark Information Group Ltd

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