Sitesolutions Combined

Sitesolutions Combined* is a premium environmental search, combining a detailed contaminated land risk assessment with a flood risk assessment.


Prices from

+ VAT per report

£474.00 **

incl. VAT

  • Large aerial photograph
  • Full range of key environmental datasets, including the most comprehensive landfill data in the UK
  • Comprehensive natural hazards data, including the most recent radon data
  • Risk and likely depth of surface water flooding
  • The latest National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) data from the Environment Agency and Insurability Index from JBA Consulting – recommended by the Association of British Insurers as a reliable indication of insurability for small businesses
  • Complete information on surrounding watercourses, provided by the Environment Agency
  • Flood risk data from failed local dams from JBA Consulting
  • Elevation data, calculating the height of the site above local water features

The report comes with a clear executive summary highlighting both contaminated land liability and flood risk. The search is fully risk assessed by an IMEA accredited consultant, who can be contacted in the event of any queries.

The Sitesolutions Combined has a professional indemnity of £10m per report, a normal turnaround time of two days with no charge for expedited service.

The price of this search varies depending on the size of the property, as detailed in the table:

* Arranged by Severn Trent Searches, provided by Argyll Environmental.
** Please note that the price of this product is dependent on the site area of the property being searched against.