New local authority prices from 1st April

A number of local authorities are amending their prices from Thursday 1st April. The table below shows which authorities within the Severn Trent region are affected. Authorities who have confirmed they will not be amending their prices are also included. Other authorities will be added once we have confirmation of their pricing.
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Introducing the Commercial DW

We’re excited to announce the launch of the all-new Commercial DW.

Produced in collaboration with the Law Society, the search combines all the same information our customers are familiar with, alongside a new one-size-fits-all approach.

From Thursday 1st April, the Commercial DW will replace our current three-tier system, which comprises the Commercial Basic, Standard and Extra searches.
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Our CON29DW price increases on 1st April

Thursday 1st April sees a £2.00 (£2.40 incl. VAT) increase on our range of residential CON29DW products. This means our standard CON29DW will now be priced at £49.00 (£58.80 incl. VAT). This is our first price increase since 2017.

A full breakdown of the changes to commercial and residential searches can be seen in the table below:
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Property Report Infographics – January 2021

Highlights from the January 2021 property report:-

  • House prices annual change percentage – December 2020 data
    South West leads the way with an impressive 10.9% gain when compared to last year. All other Counties have shown an increase for the second month running.
  • House prices annual change percentage – two year comparison (November 2020/19/18 data)
    Leicestershire shows the most combined growth of 14.9%. Closely followed by Derbyshire and Rutland of 14.1%.
  • Sales trend Q4 2020 sales comparison by County
    Counties were on average 20.1% up on last quarter but a staggering 65.9% down on Q4 2019. This shows that the housing market is slowly starting to recover from the first pandemic lockdown.
  • Mortgage lenders – market share 2019
    59.6% of all mortgage lending in the UK goes through the top five providers

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Introducing Landmark Planning

Landmark Information Group have announced some changes to their suite of planning reports.

At present, Landmark offer both the basic Plansearch and the more detailed Plansearch Plus. From Friday 29th January 2021 Landmark will only offer the new ‘Landmark Planning,’ an updated, rebranded version of Plansearch Plus. The original Plansearch will be retired from this date.
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