Introducing Groundsure Avista and Homebuyers Plus

We’re pleased to announce two new residential searches from Groundsure – Avista and Homebuyers Plus.

Avista is an all-in-one environmental report, combining seven key areas. Contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability, radon, transportation, energy and planning applications are all covered by the search.
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The CON29DW Explained – basis of charging

Our monthly look at the questions in the CON29DW examines how properties are billed.

The basis of charging is covered by question 4.4 of the CON29DW, which reads “What is the current basis for charging for sewerage and water services at the property?”

What this means, simply, is whether a property is billed on what is known as a measured or unmeasured basis.
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The CON29DW Explained – billing for water and sewerage services

Our series examining the questions in the CON29DW looks at which companies bill properties for different services.

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Introducing Hafren Dyfrdwy

Severn Trent Water is bringing together all its Welsh customers into a single company for the first time from July 1.

The new company, called Hafren Dyfrdwy, which means Severn Dee, the two major rivers in the area, will bring together all the Welsh customers previously served by Severn Trent and by Dee Valley.

That means, for the first time, the 35,100 homes and 3,900 businesses in Powys and Monmouthshire who are currently Severn Trent customers will join with current Dee Valley customers in Wales to be served by Hafren Dyfrdwy. The 49,700 homes who are currently Dee Valley customers in England will then move to Severn Trent.
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Cheshire Salt Search now available

The Cheshire Salt Search is now available to order from ourselves.

Provided by Groundsure in partnership with the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board, this is the only search that provides the information previously contained in the Coal Authority’s CON29M. Continue reading “Cheshire Salt Search now available”