Changes to CON29DW plans

From this week onwards, you may notice that the plans in your CON29DW Residential and Commercial reports from Severn Trent Searches look slightly different.

Severn Trent Water have made some updates to their mapping systems, and so the plans that we will include in your reports going forward will adopt the same changes.

The main difference is a change in the colour of water assets. This will be updated in a new key, which is below for reference.

Sewer Record

Water Record

If you have any queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team.

Severn Trent Searches donate laptops to local school

Nottingham-based Severn Trent Searches, which provides searches and reports for conveyancing, has donated 15 laptops to a Sheffield school.

James Winter, Head of Severn Trent Searches, explained: “A local primary school in my community was asking if anybody knew a business willing to donate second-hand laptops to help more of their pupils access e-learning opportunities.

“As many of us at Severn Trent Searches are parents and employed by a company with social value at its heart, we thought it was another fantastic opportunity for our organisation to give something back to the community.” Continue reading “Severn Trent Searches donate laptops to local school”

Are you getting the best deal on your searches?

We know times are hard at the moment, and every penny counts, especially in something as expensive as buying a house. Homebuyers are looking to save money wherever possible, and this includes looking for the best available deals on conveyancing.

This puts pressure on conveyancing firms to cut prices, and alongside high search and case management fees, this can severely cut into profits. It’s imperative that firms are able to offer competitive prices while maintaining both profit levels and the high level of service customers deserve. Continue reading “Are you getting the best deal on your searches?”

New local authority prices from 1st April

A number of local authorities are amending their prices from Monday 1st April. The table below shows which authorities within the Severn Trent region are affected. Authorities who have confirmed they will not be amending their prices are also indicated. Other authorities will be added as soon as we have confirmation of their pricing.

For online customers, the new prices will automatically be shown when ordering. For customers ordering by post, any orders received prior to 1st April will be completed at the current price. Continue reading “New local authority prices from 1st April”