Visit the NEW Severn Trent Services website

We are pleased to announce that Severn Trent Services have a brand new website!

It has had a complete overhaul with the design now inline with current branding. It is also responsive for multiple devices so looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile.
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Property Report Infographics – September 2020

Highlights from the September 2020 property report:-

  • House prices annual change percentage – May 2020 data
    The South West has a 3.6% gain when compared to last year, whereas the Greater London shows a 1.4% loss.
  • House prices annual change percentage – two year comparison (May 2020/19/18 data)
    Leicestershire shows the most combined growth – 7.2% (2018), 3.4% (2019) & 3.9% (2020). Nottinghamshire follows closely behind with 5.6% (2018), 3.9% (2019) and 3.7% (2020).
  • Sales trend Q2 2020 sales comparison by County
    Counties were on average 29.3% down on last quarter and 67% down on Q2 2020. This huge downturn in sales was most likely down to the Coronavirus pandemic and its global effect on the nation.
  • Mortgage lenders – market share 2019
    59.6% of all mortgage lending in the UK goes through the top five providers

National Grid Transmission Searches price increase

National Grid Transmission Searches will increase in price from Tuesday 1st September. 

From this date, the price of the search will be £87.68 (£105.22 incl. VAT). The current price is £78.83 (plus VAT).

The search identifies whether any high voltage lines – which carry approximately 11,000 volts from power stations to substations around the country – or high pressure gas pipes – which move gas to local area distribution networks – are within close proximity to the searched property.

This equipment is usually protected by easements or wayleaves, which can restrict development in the vicinity.

You can read more about Transmission Searches here, or should you have any queries, our contact details can be found here.

Refresh CON29DWs now available

If your house purchase has been delayed due to COVID-19 or other unforeseen circumstances, you may need to update your searches. Not only is this best practice to avoid any potential hazards, but many mortgage lenders will require up-to-date searches in order to protect their investment.

We now offer a refreshed version of our CON29DW drainage and water enquiry. This is available on any property within the Severn Trent region where we have completed a full CON29DW within the previous six months.

When ordering, the refresh search can be found in the CON29DW Drainage and Water Searches section of our ordering system. Simply select it, then provide us with our original order number (located in the top right of the first page of the search) along with any address changes since we originally did the search (for example, if the property originally only had a plot number, and now a postal address), and we’ll provide you with a new, full CON29DW search.

We will no longer be using the DX postal system after 30th June

UPDATE: In response to customer feedback, we are happy to continue to provide a DX service. Our DX address is DX 723860, Nottingham 43.

As part of an ongoing review of our postal services, from the end of June we will no longer be accepting or delivering mail via the DX system.

As the vast majority of searches are now received and returned electronically, the amount of post we receive via DX has declined to the point where it is no longer financially prudent for us to continue this service.

If you are a customer who currently uses our DX address please could you amend your records and send any future mail to our Royal Mail address:

Severn Trent Searches
PO Box 10155
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