Price changes for Landmark and Argyll products from 3rd January

We have been informed that Landmark Information Group and Argyll Environmental will be amending the prices of their product range from Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

The new prices are shown in the tables below.
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A number of search prices are increasing throughout January and February. These include the majority of official local authority searches, ChancelCheck, and most Landmark, Groundsure and Argyll environmental searches.

The majority of these prices are effective immediately. Landmark and Argyll searches will be increasing from Tuesday 8th February.

For those authorities within the Severn Trent region with an admin waiver, they will continue to receive this. For other official local authority searches the administration fee will be increasing from £5.00 (£6.00 incl. VAT) to £7.00 (£8.40 incl. VAT). Further information on searches receiving the waiver can be found on our residential and commercial local authority pages.
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The CON29DW explained – sewer flooding

Every month we look at a different aspect of the CON29DW and explain why it’s important. This month – sewer flooding.

As a general rule, the areas of the CON29DW that tend to concern most people are around connections and public assets within property boundaries. It’s understandable, as these are seen as the areas that could potentially cause the most disruption to homeowners.
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The CON29DW questions explained – sewers within property boundaries

Our series examining the CON29DW takes a look at one of the most common issues raised by the search: sewers within property boundaries.

Question 2.4 of the CON29DW asks “Does the public sewer map indicate any public sewer, disposal main or lateral drain within the boundaries of the property?” This seemingly innocuous question is in fact one of the main areas of concern in the search, and results in more queries to ourselves from customers than any other question.
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