CON29DW price changes from 1st April

We will be amending the price of our CON29DW Residential and CON29DW Commercial drainage and water searches from Monday 1st April.

The CON29DW Residential will increase by £4.00 to £58.00 (£69.60 incl. VAT), as will related products. The £10 supplement for postal orders will increase to £11.00.

The CON29DW Commercial will also increase by £17.00 to £247.00 (£296.40 incl. VAT).

For online customers, the new prices will automatically be shown when ordering. For customers ordering by post, any orders received prior to 1st April will be completed at the current price.

A summary of the price changes can be seen in the table below:

Product Current Price (exc. VAT) Current Price (incl. VAT) Price (exc. VAT) from 1st April  Price (incl. VAT) from 1st April
CON29DW Residential £54.00 £64.80 £58.00 £69.60
CON29DW Residential + printed copy £64.00 £76.80 £69.00 £82.80
CON29DW Residential Multi-site £54.00 Add. Parcels £20.00 £64.80 Add. Parcels £24.00 £58.00 Add. Parcels £20.00 £69.60 Add. Parcels £24.00
CON29DW Residential Expedited £76.00 £91.20 £80.00 £96.00
CON29DW Residential Refresh £37.00 £44.40 £41.00 £49.20
CON29DW Commercial £230.00 £276.00 £247.00 £296.40

Other CON29DWs

There will also be changes for some CON29DW searches from other companies from 1st April:

Safemove (Yorkshire Water): CON29DW Residential – £48.00 (£57.60 incl. VAT)

Leep Utilities: CON29DW Residential – £60.00 (£72.40 incl. VAT)

Any additional changes will be added to this list prior to April.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thames and Northumbrian CON29DW price increases from 1st February

The price of residential CON29DWs from Thames and Northumbrian Water will be increasing from Thursday 1st February.

Thames residential CON29DW will be increasing to £53.04 (£63.65 incl. VAT). The Commercial CON29DW will remain unchanged at £137.00 (£164.40 incl. VAT).

For Northumbrian Water, the residential CON29DW will be increasing to £47.33 (£56.80 incl. VAT). There is no change to their Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiry, which will remain at £140.00 (£168.00 incl. VAT).

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cheshire Salt Search price increase from 1st February

Groundsure have announced an increase in the price of the Cheshire Salt Search from Thursday 1st February 2024.

The new prices are summarised in the table below:

Size Band Current Price (exc. VAT) Price (exc. VAT) from 1st February  Price (incl. VAT) from 1st February
<0.03 ha £38.64 £40.29 £48.35
0.03-0.06 ha £50.64 £52.89 £63.47
0.06-0.12 ha £65.64 £68.64 £82.37
0.12-0.25 ha £85.64 £89.64 £107.57
0.25-0.5 ha £95.64 £100.14 £120.17
0.5-1 ha £105.64 £110.64 £132.77
1-2 ha £125.64 £131.64 £157.97
2-5 ha £145.64 £152.64 £183.17
5-15 ha £185.64 £194.64 £233.57
>15 ha P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.

These price changes apply to both residential and commercial versions of the search, and will be amended automatically on our online ordering system from 1st February.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price changes from 2nd January 2024

Our suppliers will be implementing a number of price changes from Tuesday 2nd January 2024. These changes affect Landmark, Argyll, Groundsure and CLS products.

Please see the tables below for a list of new prices:
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Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th December: 9.00am – 3.00pm
New Year’s Day: Closed
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