Price changes from 2nd January 2024

Our suppliers will be implementing a number of price changes from Tuesday 2nd January 2024. These changes affect Landmark, Argyll, Groundsure and CLS products.

Please see the tables below for a list of new prices:
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Price changes for Landmark and Argyll products from 3rd January

We have been informed that Landmark Information Group and Argyll Environmental will be amending the prices of their product range from Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

The new prices are shown in the tables below.
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A number of search prices are increasing throughout January and February. These include the majority of official local authority searches, ChancelCheck, and most Landmark, Groundsure and Argyll environmental searches.

The majority of these prices are effective immediately. Landmark and Argyll searches will be increasing from Tuesday 8th February.

For those authorities within the Severn Trent region with an admin waiver, they will continue to receive this. For other official local authority searches the administration fee will be increasing from £5.00 (£6.00 incl. VAT) to £7.00 (£8.40 incl. VAT). Further information on searches receiving the waiver can be found on our residential and commercial local authority pages.
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Introducing Landmark Planning

Landmark Information Group have announced some changes to their suite of planning reports.

At present, Landmark offer both the basic Plansearch and the more detailed Plansearch Plus. From Friday 29th January 2021 Landmark will only offer the new ‘Landmark Planning,’ an updated, rebranded version of Plansearch Plus. The original Plansearch will be retired from this date.
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Changes to Landmark commercial searches from 18th April

Update 06/04/20: Landmark will still be decommissioning the Riskview Commercial and Sitecheck Flood searches as planned, but the price increase has been postponed. Prices have been removed from this post. 

Landmark Information Group have announced some changes to their range of commercial searches from 18th April.

The RiskView Commercial and Sitecheck Flood searches will both be decommissioned from this date.

Landmark advises that Riskview Commercial customers instead order Sitesolutions Combined.

The company are also making some changes to price of their Utilities Reports, Sitecheck Combined and Sitecheck Planning reports once the current health crisis is over: