Groundsure Planview

Knowledge and understanding of local planning information is a fundamental component of any pre-acquisition property process.

New development and construction projects in the immediate and wider vicinity of a property can have a material consequence on the value of the property being purchased and implications on the characteristics of an area. Having intelligence on the location of forthcoming development schemes can present significant commercial advantage.


Prices from

+ VAT per report

£78.00 **

inc. VAT

  • 10 years planning history
  • Details of residential and commercial planning applications
  • Details of major infrastructure project planning applications including description of the scheme
  • Planning application decisions / status
  • Mobile phone mast locations
  • Local infrastructure and information
  • Local education details

The price of this search varies depending on the size of the property, as detailed in the table:

* Arranged by Severn Trent Searches, provided by Groundsure **Please note that the price is dependent on the site area of the property being searched against.