Severn Trent Searches donate laptops to local school

Nottingham-based Severn Trent Searches, which provides searches and reports for conveyancing, has donated 15 laptops to a Sheffield school.

James Winter, Head of Severn Trent Searches, explained: “A local primary school in my community was asking if anybody knew a business willing to donate second-hand laptops to help more of their pupils access e-learning opportunities.

“As many of us at Severn Trent Searches are parents and employed by a company with social value at its heart, we thought it was another fantastic opportunity for our organisation to give something back to the community.”

Technology is a critical educational aid

Research shows that giving school children access to technology can enhance their educational experience by facilitating interactive learning, fostering digital literacy, and boosting confidence. Hardware like laptops can be a gateway to accessing software that helps pupils learn through words, sounds, and visual elements tailored to their needs.

Delia Evans, Head Teacher at St Wilfrid’s Primary School in Sheffield, said: “We are so grateful for the laptops received from Severn Trent Searches. They will really make a difference in how we can support our children in a whole range of ways.

“For some children with additional needs who find recording ideas or written communication very difficult, having a laptop means they can access the full curriculum more easily and develop independence in expressing themselves.

“Ensuring that all our children are computer literate and start to develop technological skills from a young age is also extremely important to enable them to be successful in the wider world. Having a range of technology and devices available for children to use really enhances the curriculum we can offer.

“With ever-increasing budget constraints in school, this is a resource we would not otherwise have been able to provide for the children. Thank you very much!”

Reusing laptops is good for the environment

When a laptop is reused, its lifespan is extended, and electronic waste is reduced, mitigating the environmental impact of discarded hardware.

Robin Phillips, Head of Sustainability at Severn Trent Services, said: “By donating the 15 laptops, the team has demonstrated – in their own way – our organisation’s commitment to adding greater value to the communities we work in. It’s also a win for the environment.

“It helps to promote a culture of reuse, and by equipping schools with laptops, we help to reduce the school’s reliance on paper.”


  • Robust measures were taken to remove all data from the laptops before donation.
  • Read our sustainability plan to achieve net zero operational performance, add greater value to our communities, and offer our customers more sustainable and high-performing solutions that help improve their environmental performance.