Ground Stability – Subsidence risk report

This month’s highlighted product of the month is the Ground Stability report, a subsidence risk report from The Coal Authority.

The report combines data from both the Coal Authority and British Geological Survey to provide detailed information on natural hazards and subsidence risks to a property.

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Cheshire Salt Search – Subsidence risk search

This month’s highlighted product of the month is the Cheshire salt search, a subsidence & salt mining risk report from Groundsure.

Due to extraction and mining practices in Cheshire there is an increased risk of subsidence. Groundsure’s Cheshire Salt Search is the only report that provides this information, highlighting any subsidence risks in the area.

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Ground Stability report from Future Climate Info now available

We’ve recently added Future Climate Info’s (FCI) ground stability report to our portfolio.

The British Geological Survey estimate that one in five UK homes are at risk of shrink/swell subsidence, meaning that checking ground stability at a property is essential with any purchase, particularly in former mining areas.
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Homecheck Mining and Subsidence

Landmark Information Group will be launching their new Homecheck Mining and Subsidence search on Thursday 31st August.

The search combines the information currently found in their popular Homecheck Ground Stability and Subsidence reports, both of which will be withdrawn from the same date.
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