Ground Stability report from Future Climate Info now available

We’ve recently added Future Climate Info’s (FCI) ground stability report to our portfolio.

The British Geological Survey estimate that one in five UK homes are at risk of shrink/swell subsidence, meaning that checking ground stability at a property is essential with any purchase, particularly in former mining areas.

FCI’s report checks many key risks, including subsidence, nearby mining areas, brine compensation areas, geohazards such as clay shrinkage, landslips, landslides and sink holes, and potentially in-filled land.

Along with  FCI’s other reports, the ground stability search includes subsidence data from Property Assure. This was formerly available in a seperate report, and has now been incorporated into FCI’s range of environmental searches.

In addition, where potential hazards are identified, the report includes clear next steps for your clients.

The FCI ground stability report is available to purchase now for only £15.00 (£18.00 inc. VAT).