Cheshire Salt Search – Subsidence risk search

This month’s highlighted product of the month is the Cheshire salt search, a subsidence & salt mining risk report from Groundsure.

Due to extraction and mining practices in Cheshire there is an increased risk of subsidence. Groundsure’s Cheshire Salt Search is the only report that provides this information, highlighting any subsidence risks in the area.

Available for both residential and commercial properties, the report identifies properties at risk of subsidence due to brine deposits and pumping in the Cheshire area.

Each report clarifies whether properties are eligible for compensation, are in a consultation period. In addition, it confirms if a notice of damage has been filed and accepted for a property or is in an area underlain by a historical salt mine.

It also checks if the property has been subject to a commutation payment, meaning further compensation would be ineligible in the event of damage.

Contents of the Cheshire Salt Search Report

  1. Main summary that shows –
    1. Location plan
    2. Site plan
    3. Search results summary

    Example of the search results summary
  2. Search results
  3. Report questions with detailed answers
    1. Is the property situated within the compensation district?
    2. Is the property within a consultation area prescribed by the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation board under the provisions of section 38(1) of the 1952 Act?
    3. Have any Prescribed Notice of Damage (PNOD) been filed in respect of the property since 08 January 1959
      and, if so, was the claim accepted and discharged?
    4. Have any claims in respect of the property been commuted by a once and for all payment of
    5. Would the compensation provisions of the 1952 and 1964 Acts apply should the property be affected at
      some future date by subsidence due to brine pumping?
    6. Is there an historic brine well/shaft located within 20m of the property?
    7. Is there a recorded area, line or point of weakness, relating to historic brine pumping or natural
      dissolution, within 50m of the property?
    8. Is there any current or proposed uncontrolled brine pumping within 3km of the property?
    9. Is there any planning consent for brine extraction by controlled methods of pumping within 200m of the
    10. Is the site within 90m of an area that could be affected by historical (abandoned) rock salt underground
    11. Is the site within the GS7 planning policy boundary which requires planning applications to have regard
      to potentially unstable rock salt mine workings?
    12. Is there any planning consent for rock salt extraction by underground mining within 120m of the

    Example of a report question with answer
  4. Additional remarks
  5. Explanatory notes
    1. Site Location
    2. Compensation District
    3. Consultation Area
    4. Prescribed Notice of Damage Since 08 January 1959
    5. Commutation
    6. Future Liability
    7. Brine Wells/Shafts
    8. Recorded Lines of Weakness
    9. Uncontrolled (wild) Brine Pumping
    10. Planning Consent for Controlled Brine Pumping
    11. Abandoned Rock Salt mine workings
    12. GS7 Planning Policy
    13. Planning Consent for Underground Rock Salt Mining
  6. Further details
  7. Terms and conditions

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