Property Sales Data Maps – May 2019

The property sales data maps report for May 2019 has the following key points:-

  • Greater London has the highest number of total properties sold in the UK with a considerable number of properties being terraced and flats/maisonettes. Unsurprisingly Greater London also has the highest average property price
  • For new build properties, Monmouthshire and Warwickshire top the list with 23.38% and 20.66% respectively
  • Greater Manchester is the highest ranked county for different property types sold. Whereas, Rutland is the lowest ranked county. Both these counties have continued to perform at opposite ends of the scale for the past 6 months. However, we also need to take into consideration that Rutland is a very small County and as such will sell less properties than most in the UK.

Each report contains visual representations of the total number of completed property sales, new build housing percentages, average property prices and breakdown of property type. This in-depth report will give you a fascinating insight into the current housing market is performing and which counties fare better than others.

*Please note: Data is generally 8-10 weeks behind the current month as this is how long the average housing transaction data takes to filter through to the Land Registry.