Onesearch Prime – Regulated Local Search

This month’s highlighted product of the month is OneSearch Prime, a regulated local search report from OneSearch Direct.

An alternative to official local authority searches, the regulated search has a standardised format with a single fixed price nationally.

Available for both residential and commercial properties, the regulated local search report includes a search of the Local Land Charges Register and responses to Local Search Enquiries.

Local Land Charges data will reveal information such as to whether a tree preservations order is registered against a property. In addition, it will include information on enforcement notices, planning obligations and designations as a conservation area.

The Local Search Enquiries part of the search includes planning applications data, adoption status of roads, contaminated land, radon gas, listed building repairs and outstanding notices relating to a number of items.

Contents of the OneSearch Prime Regulated Local Search Report

  1. Main summary that shows –
    1. Land charges summary
      1. Planning permissions
      2. Building regulations approval
      3. Planning designations and proposals
      4. Roads
      5. Other matters
    2. About your search

    Example of information from main summary of report
  2. Contents breakdown
    1. Search of Land Charges Register
    2. Local Search Enquiries
    3. Planning and building regulation decisions and pending applications
    4. Planning designations and proposals
    5. Roads, footways and footpaths
    6. Public rights of way
    7. Land required for public purposes
    8. Drainage matters
    9. Nearby road schemes
    10. Nearby railways schemes
    11. Traffic schemes
    12. Outstanding notices
    13. Contravention of building regulations
    14. Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under planning acts
    15. Community infrastructure levy
    16. Conservation areas
    17. Compulsory purchase
    18. Contaminated land
    19. Radon gas
    20. Assets of community value
  3. Search of Local Land Charges Register
  4. Local search enquiries that includes –
    1. Planning and building regulation decisions and pending applications
    2. Planning designations and proposals
    3. Roads
    4. Other matters
    5. Land required for public purposes
    6. Land to be acquired for road works
    7. Drainage matters
    8. Nearby road schemes
    9. Nearby railway schemes
    10. Traffic schemes
    11. Outstanding notices
    12. Contravention of building regulations
    13. Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under planning acts
    14. Community infrastructure levy (CIL)
    15. Conservation areas
    16. Compulsory purchase
    17. Contaminated land
    18. Radon gas
    19. Assets of community value
Example of section from local search enquiries
  1. Search information sheet
  2. Notes
  3. Fact sheet for homebuyers
  4. Consumer protection information
Extract from homebuyers fact sheet

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