The CON29DW FLOOD+ consists of our essential CON29DW drainage and water search, along with flood risk information provided by Landmark Information Group Ltd. The CON29DW is the official drainage and water search, produced by ourselves in cooperation with Severn Trent Water.



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The search divides drainage and water information into four simple categories:

  • Maps – Plans showing all our sewer and water assets near a property
  • Drainage – We’ll tell you if the property is connected to sewers, where they are, who owns them, and whether they’re likely to cause any problems
  • Water – Besides letting you know if the property is connected, we’ll tell you if there’s any problems with water pressure, hardness and whether there’s a water meter installed
  • Billing – Tells you which water companies bill the property for different services, which services they provide, and if they bill the property on a metered basis

In addition to drainage and water information, the CON29DW FLOOD+ contains valuable information on flood risk from Landmark Information Group.


It is not always obvious when a property is at risk of flooding. With the CON29DW FLOOD+ you receive the essential CON29DW drainage and water search, plus the following additional information regarding the most common types of flooding, as recommended by The Law Society’s practice notes:

  • Flooding from rivers and the sea – We’ll tell you if we think you are at risk, and provide a map where relevant
  • Areas benefiting from flood defences – We will tell you if the property is in an area benefiting from flood defences
  • Surface water – We will give you an indication of the risk to the property of surface water flooding
  • Ground water – We will give you an indication of the susceptibility to potential groundwater flooding
  • Insurance rating – This is an indication of the number of flood related insurance  claims per 1000 houses in your postcode sector
  • The CON29DW Flood+ is the most comprehensive search of its kind available, providing all the drainage and water information you need in one detailed report


The CON29DW Flood+ has some additional features which are not available in the standard CON29DW report.

  • A complete redesign – The Flood+ report has a more modern feel and improved layout making the information easier to interpret
  • Improved front page summary – Includes both a written summary and status icons indicating any possible issues with either the CON29DW and flood elements of the search
  • Client care letters – This extra information for homebuyers covers a variety of issues such as sewer adoptions, public assets within property boundaries and unconnected properties where necessary

Please note, our search reports are intended for conveyancing purposes and as such do not contain technical information regarding water and sewer assets. If you’re intending to develop at your property, Severn Trent’s sewer and water maps contain more detailed technical information, including pipe sizes and depths. If you require more detailed information please contact the Asset Data Management Department at Severn Trent Water.

Please note, this search is only available in the Severn Trent region.
Provided by Severn Trent Searches in association with Landmark Information Group Ltd.