Put yourself on the map

Have you used our state-of-the-art mapping system yet?

When you order searches through our website, you’ll no doubt have noticed we’ve made a rather substantial improvement recently. Earlier this year we introduced our mapping system, which automatically plots the location of the requested property. It proved an instant hit with customers, and has made significant improvements to the way we work.

But it’s not just ourselves who benefit. We know your time is precious, and the system allows you to quickly highlight your property, allowing us to easily process your searches, and leaving you free to get on with other tasks.

The system plots property boundaries when an order is placed, which helps us confirm we’re looking at the correct address. This enables us to complete searches quicker and reduces the number of times we have to contact customers to confirm property details – saving both us and our customers valuable time. It’s also invaluable when ordering searches from third parties – such as local authorities – who require a plan as a matter of course, and it means our system can automatically order many searches from our suppliers, drastically reducing the turnaround time.

Using the system.

Our easy-to-use mapping system

The mapping system automatically loads whenever you start an order for a new address. When you enter the property’s postcode, if it’s registered you can select the address from the dropdown list, and the property will automatically be plotted on the map. If there’s more than one Land Registry title associated with the address, you will be asked to choose the correct one. The system will then automatically add the boundary of the property. If everything looks ok, simply click ‘Save Map’ and we’ll do the rest.

Of course, sometimes you will need to make adjustments to a plan. New properties, housing developments, and plots of land may not yet be able to be located automatically, or the property boundary may not exactly match the area you want searching against. No need to worry – the system lets you easily edit, re-locate and plot properties yourself. And while our site allows you to upload your own plan, the convenience of the mapping system means that this will rarely be necessary. Further information along with full instructions can be found here, and our staff are only a phone call away if you need us.

Map to success.

The system has made significant improvements to the way we work. It helps us locate and search on properties quicker, allows us to order searches from third parties more efficiently, and reduces the number of times we have to contact customers, freeing them up to continue other work without interruption. So, if you’ve not tried it yet, may we suggest you give it a try, and put yourselves on the map.