Mapping tool now live on our ordering platform

We’ve recently added a great new feature to our website.

When placing an order or obtaining a quote via our ordering platform, you now have the option of plotting the property to be searched on a map. This allows you to ensure search requests match our records, which can speed up response times, avoids unnecessary contacts, and reduces the chances of search results being returned against the incorrect property.

Example screen of the mapping system

The system is completely free-to-use whenever you log into our ordering site. Whenever you start a new order, the system will automatically find a map of the property. If you don’t wish to add a plan – or have one of your own you wish to use – you can choose to proceed without using the mapping system, although we would advise a plan is included with the majority of orders.

Highlighted properties

Our new mapping system also lets you find, highlight and measure the size of any property. For registered properties, the system gives you the option of automatically highlighting the property using Land Registry information. Alternatively, you can map the boundary yourself using the simple drawing tool. And if the boundary isn’t quite right, selecting the geometry tool allows you to adjust it.

Example of a highlighted property and the geometry tools

Plotting a property

When plotting a property, the tool also allows you to measure its size – useful when ordering searches which are size-dependent, such as the majority of commercial searches. It will also display the property’s easting and northing.

Example of a commercial property, boundary size and coordinates

Mapping toolbar

After initially searching for a property address, there are several toolbar buttons at your disposal to mark a property boundary:-

  • Zoom in – Click on icon to zoom in one frame, alternatively use the scroll wheel on a mouse
  • Zoom out – Click on icon to zoom out one frame, or as above use the scroll wheel on a mouse
  • Fullscreen – Click on icon to go into fullscreen mode, to deselect (click again) or press exit to escape
  • Satellite view – Click on icon for an alternate satellite view, deselect for the standard view
  • Marker – A circular marker automatically appears for registered properties. Markers can also be manually inserted onto a chosen property, simply by clicking on the marker icon and placing over a property on the map with another click
  • Flood-fill – A useful tool for filling the boundary area of a property on registered properties. Select the flood-fill icon and click onto a property to fill it’s boundary
  • Draw Polygon – This tool is required for properties that are not registered on our system. Select the draw polygon tool then start to draw your boundary by clicking on a corner of the property, each subsequent click places a point. To finish the boundary, double-click on the final point to confirm. Any point can be moved with a simple click-drag-release of the mouse
  • Undo – Click to undo the last action
  • Redo – Click to redo a previous undo action
  • Search – Search for an address using postcode, street or coordinates
  • Help – An overview of the toolbar features

Saving a map

Once you’re done, simply click the save map button to automatically add it to your order.

Here to help

The mapping system is simple to use, but you can find full PDF instructions and instructional videos below. Alternatively, if you’d like us to come out to your offices and demonstrate it for you, just email us at or call 01159 713550.