The Coal Authority CON29M

Our very first highlighted product of the month is the Coal Mining Report from the Coal Authority.

The official CON29M is widely recognised as an industry leading coal mining report and highlights all known and proposed mining risks in an area.

Available for both residential and commercial properties, the report was initially redesigned in 2016 and further enhanced with several new features in April this year. Overall there are 11 Law Society approved questions answered in the residential report with an additional 3 in commercial reports. Each CON29M report details mining activity including underground, opencast, geology, mine entries, mine gas, coal mining subsidence and other hazards.

New enhancements implemented in April 2019 now have an informative colour coded front page highlighting risks with a professional opinion. A further action page at the rear of the reports has useful direct links to follow on reports. In addition, the glossary is now more concise explaining key mining terms.

Contents of the CON29M report

  1. Main summary that shows –
    1. Known or potential coal mining risks
    2. Further action points (if applicable)
    3. Professional opinion

    Example of information from main summary of report
  2. Enquiry boundary and key

    Example of enquiry boundary and key
  3. Professional opinion detailed information (if risk is identified)
  4. Detailed findings section
    (consisting of 11 Q&A for residential properties & an additional 3 for non-residential)

    1. Past underground coal mining
    2. Present underground coal mining
    3. Future underground coal mining
    4. Mine entries
    5. Coal mining geology
    6. Past opencast coal mining
    7. Present opencast coal mining
    8. Future opencast coal mining
    9. Coal mining subsidence
    10. Mine gas
    11. Hazards related to coal mining
    12. Withdrawal of support (non-residential reports)
    13. Working facilities order (non-residential reports)
    14. Payments to owners of former copyhold land (non-residential reports)

    Example of additional questions for CON29M commercial
  5. Statutory cover with information on
    1. Coal mining subsidence
    2. Coal mining hazards
  6. Coal mining report insurance policy schedule
  7. Glossary of key terms
  8. Further action reports (if risk is identified)

    Example of further action reports information

Residential product documents

Commercial product documents