Introducing the Commercial DW

We’re excited to announce the launch of the all-new Commercial DW.

Produced in collaboration with the Law Society, the search combines all the same information our customers are familiar with, alongside a new one-size-fits-all approach.

From Thursday 1st April, the Commercial DW will replace our current three-tier system, which comprises the Commercial Basic, Standard and Extra searches.

The Commercial DW contains all the information included in our premium Commercial Extra, along with two new questions and answers regarding easements and invert levels, up to four sets of billing details as standard, and at a set price of just £195.00 (£234 incl. VAT), compared with £261.00 (£313.20 incl. VAT) for the Commercial Extra.

In addition to the extra information, the new one-size-fits-all approach means more convenience for our customers, eliminating the need to decide which of the three searches is right for them.

Customers who would have previously purchased either the Commercial Basic or Standard will now benefit from the extra information currently contained in the Commercial Extra. They will now receive additional questions and answers, and up to four sets of billing details as standard where available, compared to a maximum of three at present.

And, like the Commercial Extra, the Commercial DW offers complete peace of mind, coming with £10 million liability cover.

Our Commercial Utilities package, comprising drainage and water, electricity distribution, gas mains, and BT Telecoms searches will also have a new price of £399.00 (£478.80 incl. VAT) to reflect the price of our new commercial search.

The new search will be available to order on from Thursday 1st April. The deadline for placing orders for the current three commercial drainage and water searches is 5pm on 31st March. Any orders received after this time will be upgraded to the new search.