Introducing Groundsure Avista and Homebuyers Plus

We’re pleased to announce two new residential searches from Groundsure – Avista and Homebuyers Plus.

Avista is an all-in-one environmental report, combining seven key areas. Contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability, radon, transportation, energy and planning applications are all covered by the search.

Based on Land Registry polygons for improved accuracy, the report analyses over 106 million data points for each search.

The finished search excludes areas where no risk is found, meaning the majority of searches are under 20 pages. In addition, the search avoids jargon, and is written in plain English, making it easier for conveyancers and homebuyers to interpret.

Homebuyers Plus is a premium version of the best-selling Groundsure Homebuyers.

The search reviews contaminated land, flood, ground stability and screens for other environmental risks such as energy, transportation and planning to provide comprehensive environmental checks for a property.

Homebuyers Plus offers more in-depth information than the standard Homebuyers. There’s more detailed information on flood risk, energy, transport, and planning applications.

Like Avista, the search is based on Land Registry polygons, written in plain English and omits areas where no risk is present. The redesigned report also includes a front page, colour coded risk rating.

Both searches are now available to order. Avista is available for £89.00 (£106.80 incl. VAT), and Homebuyers Plus at £59.00 (£70.80 incl. VAT).