Homecheck Professional – Flood Risk Assessment Report

This month’s highlighted product of the month is the Homecheck Professional report, a flood risk search from Landmark Information Group.

The report is a comprehensive desktop analysis of flood risk, which also takes  flood defenses and the availability of insurance into account.

Available for residential properties, the Homecheck Professional Flood report assesses the potential risk of flooding to a property. Landmark’s flood search for commercial properties is the Sitecheck Flood.

Flood data analysed includes river, coastal, groundwater and surface water flooding. Data is provided by industry experts such as JBA Consulting, Environmental Agency and Geosmart. An online interactive maps viewer is also provided as part of the report.

Each report includes a clear front page result, professional opinion with recommended next steps and insurability statement.

Contents of the Homecheck Professional Flood Report

  1. Front page overview

    Example of part of the front page summary
  2. Professional Opinion and recommendations
    1. Professional opinion
    2. Recommendations
    3. Insurance
    4. Flood risk
    5. Useful information
    6. Next steps
  3. Property Location
  4. Property purchaser guide
    1. Overall flood risk
    2. Risk rating
    3. Insurability
    4. Flood defences
    5. Individual flood risks
    6. Flooding types
  5. River flooding assessment with map

    Example of the river flooding map
  6. Surface water flooding assessment with map
  7. Other flooding risks assessment with map
  8. Flood advice and guidance
    1. Understanding flood risk
    2. Flood protection measures
    3. Flood action plan
    4. Flood action groups
  9. Preparation for a flood event
    1. Flood RE
  10. Useful information
    1. The purpose and scope of the report
      1. The individual flood risks
      2. Limitations and T&Cs
      3. Copyright statement
  11. Useful contacts
  12. Search Code
    1. Important consumer protection information
    2. The search code
    3. The codes core principles
    4. Complaints

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