Worcester City Council announce delays to local land charges

Worcester City Council have informed us that they will not be accepting any orders between 14th – 30th January due to the migration of their Local Land Charges System from M3 (Northgate) to DEF.

They have stated that they will not be accepting any new Local Land Charges Search requests after 3pm on Monday 14th January. Orders received by Worcester City Council from 14th – 30th January will be held in chronological order with any other searches received. Once their new system goes live, all searches will be entered onto the system in the order in which they were received where they state “our Team will be working extremely hard to return results to you”. They do not anticipate being able to offer an expedited service in the early days of going live, and naturally turnaround times will be affected during this period.

Any subsequent delays to turnaround times will be published on the Local Authority pages of the Severn Trent Searches website and our ordering platform.