If South Staffs Water is responsible for billing for water and sewerage services in my area why don’t their plans show their public sewers?

South Staffs Water is a water only company, responsible solely for providing drinking water to their customers. They have no responsibility for providing sewerage services.  Severn Trent Water is the responsible sewerage undertaker in this area. As such, South Staffs Water plans contain only their water assets and public mains water pipes and Severn Trent Water provide separate plans showing the public sewers in the area. However, because South Staffs is required to bill the property for water services they also bill for sewerage services on behalf of Severn Trent Water.

The CON29DW explained – sewage treatment works

Our regular series examining the CON29DW this month looks at sewage treatment works.

Question 2.9 of the CON29DW states: “Please state the distance from the property to the nearest boundary of the nearest sewage treatment works.” This question is designed to inform the public about an unpleasant but necessary part of the sewage treatment process.
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The top ten sewers in film

We list the ten best film scenes set in sewers:

Here at Severn Trent Searches there’s nothing we enjoy more than producing lots of lovely CON29DWs. Honestly, we love it, we’d probably do it for free (note for any Severn Trent executives reading this, please don’t put this to the test). However, much as producing searches is our absolutely, utter, complete favourite thing in the world (is this fooling anyone?), we do occasionally like to do other things.
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