The CON29DW explained – water adoption agreements

Our series on issues raised by the CON29DW looks at a one of the rarer situations raised by the search:

One of the more curious questions in the CON29DW is 3.3, which asks “Is any water main or service pipe serving, or which is proposed to serve the property, the subject of an existing adoption agreement or an application for such an agreement?”
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The CON29DW explained – sewer adoption agreements

Every month we point our spotlight at a different area of the CON29DW. This month it’s the turn of sewer adoption agreements.

It’s a common misconception that all sewers are owned by water companies. Whilst this would probably be the ideal situation for many, and is something which the government is steadily working towards (more of which later), it’s simply not the case. Most newly-laid sewers are actually owned by the person or company who laid them.
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