New chancel insurance product now available

We have long offered a variety of Chancel liability products from CLS. The Chancelcheck (along with the Chancelcheck Premium for larger sites) is seen as an essential search to warn property purchasers of a potential liability for chancel repair, and Chancelsure is a vital insurance policy when a liability is identified.

Failure to protect against this medieval anomaly can be a costly mistake for homeowners, and potentially leave their conveyancers vulnerable to compensation claims.

CLS have now launched a new insurance product, designed to help protect all parties. No chancel search insurance is an alternative to a Chancelcheck, and covers owners against claims where no search was carried out.

The policy is available for both residential and commercial properties, with and without successor cover. To order, simply select the version of product you desire in the ‘Chancel’ section of our ordering site.

No Chancel searches located in the ‘chancel’ section of our ordering site

To read more information about this new product, along with the rest of our range of chancel products, please visit the Chancelcheck page.