Homecheck Professional Environment – Environmental risk report

This month’s highlighted product of the month is Homecheck Professional Environment, an environmental risk report from Landmark Information Group.

The report highlights multiple key environmental hazards. Each report comes with a consultant’s professional opinion and public liability cover of up to £10 million.

Suitable for residential properties, the report identifies if a property is at risk of the following:-

  • Hazardous substances on landfill and waste management sites
  • Contaminated land
  • Land instability through coal mining activity
  • Radon gas
  • Flood risk

Contents of the Homecheck Professional Environment Report

  1. Front page risk summary

    An example of the contamination risk section from the front page summary
  2. Professional opinion
  3. Contents and summary of findings
    1. Section 1: Contamination risk findings
    2. Section 2: Flood findings
    3. Section 3: Radon findings
    4. Section 4: Ground stability findings
    5. Section 5: Other influential factors
  4. Aerial photograph
  5. Location map
  6. Section 1: Contamination risk findings
    1. Section 1a and 1b: Information map
    2. Section 1a: Designated contaminated land
    3. Section 1b: Landfill and waste
    4. Section 1c and 1d: Information map
    5. Section 1c: Potentially contaminative activities
    6. Section 1d: Known pollution incidents
    7. Section 1e: Information map
    8. Section 1e: Other potential contaminative land uses

    An example of the section 1c and 1d information map
  7. Section 2: Flood findings

    1. Section 2a and 2b: River and coastal flood map
    2. Section 2c: Surface water flood map
    3. Section 2a: River flooding
    4. Section 2b: Coastal flooding
    5. Section 2c: Surface water flooding
  8. Section 3: Radon findings
  9. Section 4: Ground stability findings
    1. Section 4a: Man-made factors
    2. Section 4b: Natural factors
  10. Section 5: Other influential factors
    1. Section 5a: Environmental constraints
  11. Useful contacts
  12. Useful information
  13. The purpose and scope of the report
    1. Limitations
    2. Insurance
    3. Landmark standard terms and conditions
    4. Copyright statement
  14. Search code

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