Groundsure Energy & Transportation

This month’s highlighted product is the Energy and Transportation Report from Groundsure.

This comprehensive infrastructure report provides data on existing and planned energy and transport infrastructure, including HS2, crossrail, railways, oil, gas, wind and solar energy.

Available for both residential and commercial properties, the report was initially released in February this year with Groundsure consolidating data from several energy and infrastructure reports into one. Each report provides a clear summary and detailed breakdown of both transportation and energy data findings.

The report has been enhanced with several features, including improved accuracy with property polygons, intelligently filtered data and OS MasterMap site plan. It also contains fewer pages than previous reports with a more intuitive layout and page flow.

Contents of the Energy and Transportation report

  1. Main summary that shows –
    1. Professional opinion
    2. Site plan
    3. Search results

    Example of information from main summary of report
  2. Overview of findings and recommendations
    1. Transportation
      1. HS2
      2. Crossrail 2
      3. Railways
      4. Underground
    2. Energy
      1. Solar
      2. Wind
      3. Power stations
  3. Transportation Summary
    1. HS2
    2. Crossrail
    3. Other railways
  4. Transportation detailed findings
    1. HS2
      1. HS2 route: nearest centre point of track
      2. HS2 noise and visual assessment
      3. Will HS2 be visible from the property?
    2. Crossrail
      1. Crossrail 2 route
      2. Crossrail 2 stations
      3. Crossrail 2 worksites
      4. Crossrail 2 safeguarding area
    3. Railways and Underground
      1. Active railways
      2. Active railway stations
      3. Historical railway infrastructure
      4. Abandoned railways
      5. London underground and DLR lines
      6. London underground and DLR stations

    Example of railways & underground map
  5. Energy Summary
    1. Solar
      1. Proposed solar installations
    2. Wind
      1. Proposed wind farms
      2. Proposed wind turbines
    3. Energy Infrastructure
      1. Power stations
  6. Datasets searched
  7. Search code and Groundsure terms and conditions
  8. Important consumer protection information
  9. Data providers

Product documents