Argyll Sitesolutions – Energy and Infrastructure Report

This month’s highlighted product of the month is the Sitesolutions energy and infrastructure report, an environmental due-diligence search from Argyll Environmental.

The report illustrates a number of energy and infrastructure projects across the UK using several datasets.

Available for both residential and commercial properties, the Sitesolutions report identifies the potential impact that key energy and infrastructure projects can have to a property.

The datasets will analyse various high speed 2 (HS2) data including track / station details, safeguarding and compensation scheme zones, wind farms / turbines locations, crossrail (phase 1), solar farms and power plant locations.

Each report includes a front page overview with clear next steps and a £10m professional indemnity cover.

Contents of the Sitesolutions Energy and Infrastructure Report

  1. Front page overview

    Example of the front page overview
  2. Energy & Infrastructure Report – Understanding this report
  3. Recommendations
    1. Oil and gas exploration
    2. Wind energy
    3. Solar energy
    4. Other renewable energy
    5. High speed 2
    6. Crossrail 1
  4. Property location
    1. Location plan
  5. Energy
    1. Oil and gas exploration map with key
      1. Drilling well locations within 4km of your property
      2. Offered exploration licences within 4km of your property
    2. Solar energy map with key
      1. Planning applications for solar energy within 2km of your property

    Example of the oil and gas exploration map
  6. Useful contacts
  7. Useful information
    1. Data sources
    2. Limitations of the report
    3. T & Cs
  8. Search code
    1. The search code
    2. The code’s core principles
    3. Complaints
    4. Complaints procedure

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