Ordering System – Features Update

On Friday 16th November we implemented a number of system changes and improvements to our ordering platform, a selection of the new features are listed below:-

  • New ‘select all favourites‘ tickbox option added for ease of use when repeating product orders from your list of favourites
  • The customer reference field now comes with a handy notification of when you’re getting close to the 50 character limit
  • Improved address matching when entering a customers property address
  • A pop-up alert to notify that you are trying to leave the ordering process before completion or saving it as a quote
  • Quicker loading of CON29 optional enquiries with additional text box for any extra enquiries required
  • Loading icons will appear if there is a delay when choosing a discount packages option and whilst loading the recommended products based on location
  • After several requests we’ve now added a print facility to print off any saved quotes
  • Full itemised VAT breakdown added
  • Important notifications now shows only on the login page to notify customers of any relevant system updates, new products etc

We are always looking to improve our ordering platform, so if you would like to see any additional changes that are not listed above please email web@severntrentsearches.com with your ideas.

You can see these changes by logging into our ordering platform.