Envirosearch Residential – Environmental risk report

This month’s highlighted product of the month is the Envirosearch Residential search, an environmental risk report from Landmark.

The report assesses a multitude of environmental risks to a property along with a consultant’s professional opinion.

Suitable for residential properties, the report identifies if a property is at risk of the following:-

  • Contaminated land – landfill, waste plus other contaminative activities and incidents
  • Flooding – river, coastal, surface, historic flood events and groundwater flooding
  • Energy & infrastructure – HS2, oil and gas exploration, wind farms/turbines and solar farms
  • Ground stability – man-made or natural factors
  • Radon
  • Overhead power lines

Each report includes a front page risk summary with clear next steps should ‘further action’ be required.

Contents of the Envirosearch Residential Report

  1. Risk summary

    Example of the risk summary
  2. Conveyancer guidance including Professional Opinion
  3. Next steps (if flagged as ‘Further Action’ in risk summary)
    1. What information can we accept?
    2. What do I do next?
    3. Information that is not sufficient
    4. I do not have additional information
  4. Summary of report findings
    1. Section 1: Contaminated Land
    2. Section 2: Flood
    3. Section 3: Energy & Infrastructure
    4. Section 4: Ground Stability
    5. Section 5: Radon
    6. Section 6: Other influential factors

    Example of the report findings summary
  5. Property purchaser guidance
  6. Site location (with aerial photograph)
  7. Contaminated Land – Section 1
    1. Section 1a and 1b: Contaminated Land, Landfill and Waste Map with key
    2. Section 1a: Designated Contaminated Land detailed information
    3. Section 1b: Landfill and Waste detailed information
    4. Section 1c and 1d: Potential and Known Contamination Map with key
    5. Section 1c: Potentially Contaminative Activities detailed information
    6. Section 1d: Known Contamination Incidents detailed information
    7. Section 1e: Other Potential Contaminative Land Uses Map with key
    8. Section 1e: Other Potential Contaminative Land Uses detailed information
  8. Flood – Section 2
    1. Section 2a and 2b: River and Coastal Flooding Map with key
    2. Section 2c: Surface Water Flooding Map with key detailed information
    3. Section 2a: River Flooding, Section 2b: Coastal Flooding, Section 2c: Surface Water Flooding detailed information
    4. Section 2d and 2e: RoFRS and Historic Flood Events Map with key
    5. Section 2d: Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (RoFRS),  Section 2e: Historic Flood Events detailed information
    6. Section 2f: Groundwater Flooding detailed information

    Example of the river and coastal flooding map
  9. Energy & Infrastructure – Section 3
    1. Section 3a: High Speed Rail 2 (HS2), Section 3b: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Section 3c: Existing or Proposed Wind Farms and Wind Turbines, Section 3d: Existing or Proposed Solar Farms detailed information
  10. Ground Stability – Section 4
    1. Section 4a: Man-Made Factors, Section 4b: Natural Factors detailed information
  11. Radon
    1. Section 5: Radon Findings detailed information
  12. Other Influential Factors
    1. Section 6a and 6b: Other Influential Factors Map with key
    2. Section 6a: Overhead Power Lines, Section 6b: Environmental Constraints detailed information
  13. Useful Contacts
  14. Useful Information
  15. Search Code

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