Searchlight Issue 27 – November 2015

Includes: information on a brand new search, the CON29DW Flood+, a Severn Trent Connect project in aldershot, and a seasonal wordsearch competition.

Here’s an excerpt from our main article – Introducing the CON29DW Flood+.

At Severn Trent Searches, we’ve always aimed to provide customers with the most thorough, accurate information available. To date however, the information in the CON29DW has been limited to those areas where water companies are responsible, namely fresh water supply and sewage disposal. Whilst this information is essential, there is one major water-related area that has not been covered by the search.

Flooding, other than that from overloaded sewers, has never been included in the CON29DW. Potential hazards such as coastal and river flooding have been dealt with in environmental reports or specialist flood searches provided by companies such as Landmark and Groundsure.

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