Question 2.5 relates to the presence of a public sewer within 100 feet of the property. What is the significance of this question?

The presence of a public sewer within 100 feet (30.48 metres) of the property is primarily of significance if the property is not connected to the public system and the sewer is either foul or combined. If sewage from a property discharges to a private system such as a septic tank or cess pit, and it is causing an environmental issue, the local authority can insist that that the property be connected to a nearby public sewer.
This connection would be done at the owner’s expense, and they would also be responsible for any subsequent maintenance. If the nearest sewer is over 100 feet from the property, the owner could be responsible for a substantial length of private connecting pipe (although this is less common following the private sewer transfer in 2011, which saw most of these pipes transferred into public ownership). It should also now be noted that following the private sewer transfer, there are occasionally public assets which are not plotted on plans.