Owen Davies

Business Development Manager

Owen Davies is our Business Development Manager. Alongside his brilliant, devastatingly good-looking and tragically underpaid team (who, coincidentally, maintain and write all copy for this website) Owen is responsible for growing the business. This includes gaining new customers, keeping existing ones happy, finding and developing new products, ensuring we’re compliant with all relevant regulations and laws, marketing, customer training and liaising with providers and industry bodies. It’s also worth noting that, despite overseeing the website, Owen is the only one of the management team who had to be reminded several times to fill in this questionnaire:

How long have you been with Severn Trent?
Seventeen years. I had a quick look to see what was at number one in the charts the week I started, but unfortunately it has made me very angry. Turns out the week I started at Severn Trent “Take on me” was at number one. Not the Scandinavian pop classic A-ha original, but the horrific, sacrilegious cover version by A1! A1!!??!! The original version didn’t even get to number one!! If you wanted proof there’s no justice in the world, that’s it, right there!!

What does your job involve?
My official job title is Business Development Manager, which covers a multitude of sins. The basic crux of it is about building relationships with people. Whether that be customers, suppliers, internal stakeholders or whoever. There is enough variety in my job that it’s always interesting and I guess that’s what’s kept me here for 17 years. Well that and the office’s close proximity to Greggs.

What’s the best thing about working at Severn Trent Searches?
The people. It’s like anywhere, even if you really enjoy the work you do, if you’re surrounded by people you don’t like, eventually it takes its toll. Just ask Theresa May.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you at work?
I was once in a meeting with a supplier going through the specifics of a new product they were hoping to sell us. I needed to show them some attachments in an email I’d received from a colleague so promptly opened said email on the big screen so we could all see it. What I hadn’t realised was that in the body of this email my colleague had declared that the new product we were discussing was “crap” and provided me a link to a “far superior” product from one of their competitors. One of those situations where you cannot click on the little red cross in the top right hand corner quickly enough. The silence in the room that followed was deafening. [Note, that colleague has only just ventured to pastures new, after 16 years at Severn Trent.]

What do you do in your spare time?
I’m one of those ‘outdoorsy’ types. I can often be found dragging my children around the Peak District. We’re easy to spot, just look for wide eyed grinning father, the mother with a look of quiet resignation and two completely miserable looking youngsters. Mind you, thinking about it, that could be any family out hiking in Derbyshire!

Tell us something surprising about yourself?
All of the males on my father’s side of the family have been given the middle name ‘Thomas.’ So my full name is Owen Thomas Davies, I couldn’t sound any more Welsh if you conducted a male voice choir to sing my name to the tune of Land of my Fathers whilst juggling leeks!
The only exception to this family tradition is my brother who had his names swapped around to become Thomas John Davies. For those of you who don’t understand why, you probably ought to read some D H Lawrence. It would have made your Grandma blush!