Search Insurance

Introducing a range of conveyancing insurance products* from CLS Property Insight which provides:

Prices start from £16.00

for the minimum
level of cover

  • A range of fast cost effective legal indemnity and defective products
  • Cover up to £3,000,000
  • Greater reassurance for solicitors and their clients
* Arranged by Severn Trent Searches and provided by CLS Property Insight Ltd.


Absence of Easement Insurance
Provides cover where there is an absence of a legal right to use the access and/or services serving the property in the event of the owner of the access and/or services preventing the Insured from using them.

Insolvency Act Insurance
Provides cover for a mortgagee or third party purchaser where a property is passed by deed of gift or transfer at undervalue and the Donor of such is deemed bankrupt in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986.

Planning and/or Building Regulations Insurance
Provides cover where planning and/or building regulations approval has not been obtained in respect of the works carried out on a property, in the event of the local planning authority issuing the insured with an enforcement notice, planning contravention notice or breach of condition notice.

Restrictive Covenant Insurance
Provides cover where a property is (or may be) affected by restrictive covenants in the event of any party attempting to enforce these covenants.

Search Insurance (Residential)
Provides cover for a residential property being adversely affected by any matter which would have been disclosed by a search where any (or all) of the property searches have:
a) been requested but not received (search delay)
b) been received but are out of date due to delays in the exchange (search validation)
c) have not, and will not be requested.

There are 10 levels of cover from £75.00 to £3 million.