Sewer and water plans

Plans showing the location of Severn Trent sewer and water assets within a given area.


+ VAT per report


inc. VAT

Get detailed extracts of Severn Trent’s records showing all sewer and water assets at a location. The plans show the same information as our range of drainage and water searches, but without the additional information required by those purchasing a property.

Also included is a variety of technical information, designed for those who need to excavate nearby, or are considering making a connection into Severn Trent’s assets. These include the depths, sizes and invert levels of assets where available.

  • Electronic copies of plans showing Severn Trent sewer and water assets.
  • Technical information regarding depths, sizes, invert levels and more where available.
  • Contains guidance for working near Severn Trent assets.
  • Ideal for those wishing to connect to, or excavate near Severn Trent’s assets.
  • Only available for properties within the Severn Trent Water region.
  • Please note, we require a plan in all instances.

Severn Trent Water still have to grant consent for working in close proximity to or connecting their assets, and the search contains information regarding under which circumstances this is required, as well as contact information.