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About our brand new ordering platform

Since 1st June 2018 we have had a new ordering platform, redesigned from the ground up. You’ll be pleased to know that the new site has retained all of the elements our customers know and love, alongside a host of new features detailed below. In addition, the site has had a complete makeover, with improved functionality and a more modern feel. It is also fully compatible with tablets and other mobile devices.


  • Generate and save quotes, which can then be converted into orders.
  • Prioritise your favourite searches so they appear at the top of your product list.
  • See expected delivery dates for searches before you place your order.
  • Report recommendation service, suggesting the correct searches for your property.

FAQs - New ordering platform

How do I login and place an order?

You are able to login using your normal username and password that you use on the current ordering platform. To place an order or perform another task we have a handy userguide that’s easy to follow as well as bitesize walkthrough video’s to help you.

Can I place orders on both the current and new ordering platform?

Yes, you will still be able to order from both ordering sites until 31st May 2018. After this date the old site will be closed down and will automatically redirect customers to the new ordering platform. We recommend that all customers familiarise themselves with the new site as early as possible and place any new orders on there. After the launch on 1st June, any orders placed on the old ordering website that are still being processed will then appear on the dashboard in the new ordering platform.

Will the new ordering platform work on my computer?

Our new ordering platform supports the latest browsers including IE11,Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. If you are having issues with the website displaying properly then you may possibly have an outdated browser. You can check which version of browser you currently have and how to update it in the following online guide (This will open up a third party website).


We’ve created a userguide explaining how the system works, as well as a series of short videos.
If you’ve not already had a demonstration of the new system, we’d be happy to visit your offices. Please call us on 0115 971 3550 or email us to arrange. Alternatively, please feel free to log in and try it for yourself.